Our Approach

Over the years we’ve fine-tuned our approach and carefully crafted strategies that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Forged in the fire of top-tier institutions like Yale, University of California, University of Notre Dame, and tempered to perfection by the hard steel of practical application – we’re confident in our methods and what we create with you.

Creatively Digital.

My agency is founded on having the creative edge, on what is an analytically focused industry. Everyone uses data to drive decision making, that’s a given!

Given my education in consumer behaviour and psychology from world renouned universities, these learnings are so much more valuable than meets the eye.

This gives our campaigns an edge because we’re able to use data to drive decisions based on future predictions and also how people navigate, and what attracts them.

We’re All Humans.

With the rise of artificial intelligence surrounding digital marketing, we’re proud to keep our feet grounded. Everyone at Rough Idea Digital.
We’re all humans.

There is no argument that there is a place for AI across marketing and that it does genuinely help, and make your job easier but we believe for what we do, paid search, SEO and web design, there’s no replacement for a human. Period.
ChatGPT has made a surge in the last few years in the space, replacing a lot of copywriters. In the past, we’ve tested it and ran experiments using it. It didn’t work, in fact, we noticed negative results.

There is simply no replacement for humans.

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We Have Proven Strategies.

I’ve taken small to medium sized businesses to finalists in world renowned digital marketing awards.

The bottom line is, we are able to deliver results because we have tried, and tested strategies. Some of them haven’t worked, but most of them do. And deliver outstanding results.

There’s no once size fits all approach to digital marketing, but the more we do it, the more we understand the factors that make a difference. Leveraging on our knowledge, we pull from each proven strategy to consistently evolve. To create unique strategies that deliver real results.

We Take a Calculated Approach.

In everything we do, there’s purpose. There’s intent. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Wether it’s your 6 month SEO strategy, or optimising your Google ads, nothing we do would be without purpose or intent.

Whether it’s keyword research, ad creations, optimising meta ads, you name the task, we analyse the data and take a calculated approach to ensure that we don’t miss a beat with your business goals in mind.

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Oli, the director, having a coffee and laughing with employees

About Me, Meet Oli.

I’m a digital marketing professional with various experience. Working agency side, working internal… now working for myself!

My experience isn’t limited to my work history either. Completing courses through Coursera at Yale, University of Pennsylvania, University of California, and of course my degree from Notre Dame Australia, I’ve been fortunate enough to have a wealth of experience.

This has allowed me to really flourish in my career taking small to medium sized service based businesses to finalists in world recognised digital marketing awards.

Creatively Digital.
Humanised Approach.
Proven Results.
Calculated Strategy.

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