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Discover the full value of your social media advertising with Roughidea Digital, Perths leading paid search agency. Dive into a conversation with our performance media specialists who are at the heart of our agency.

We’re not just about getting your message out there, we want to maximise your ROI and make every dollar of your ad spend count.

Our team will guide you through the best paid search channel for your business, whether thats Meta ads, Google ads, Google display network, or Linkedin Ads. We don’t take a set and forget type approach to our performance media.

The setup is crucial for success, but no more than the continual optimisations and monitoring of the campaigns.

Paid Search Channels We Work In.

We’re masters of the digital jungle, well-versed in the language ad creation. Writing captivating, engaging and converting ad copy is what we do! Turning clicks into conversions, we will help guide you to the most viable channels for your business. A specialised approach for unique business and unique goals.

Google Ads Management.

Meta Ads Management.

Linkedin Ads Management.

Get actionable leads, generate a ROI, and grow your business.
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Let’s Get Your Business Growing!

Our paid search strategies are designed to get you qualified and actionable leads that you can turn into revenue for your business.

No Lock-in Contracts

We’re not going to make you stick around if you’re not happy!

You can’t be unhappy with a positive ROI!

No Bulls**t

Working with me, you know you’re going to get the truth. No fluff or excuses. Results.

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Is Paid Search Right for Me?

One of the biggest benefits about performance media is the ability to specifically target a direct audience, create audiences and localise your ads. So you know that you’re visible to your target market.

We’re a local Perth ads agency, but have the capability to service Australia wide, even internationally. Our aim is to increase your ROI, and help you achieve your business goals, one conversion at a time.

We’re not just here to sell you ads; we’re here to get under the hood of your business. We want to know what makes you run, what sets you apart, and most importantly, who’s itching to get their hands on what you’re offering.

If you could have qualified & actionable leads every month...

Why Work With Roughidea Digital?

Our methodology for paid search is very similar to our SEO campaigns. It’s all about growing our campaigns and forever evolving. It’s foundation is data driven decision making, with hints of human psychology to achieve maximum effectiveness, generating high ROIs. But why work with Roughidea?

Proactive Solutions – We don’t want to come to you with problems. We are driven by solutions. So no matter where your business is at, we’ll tailor our solutions to be based around your situation.

Data Driven Decisions – Probably a phrase you’ve heard before. But we stand by it. Our best campaigns have been made based off analysing data. It allows us to make decisions with purpose and intent behind what we do.

About Us, Meet Oli!

My passion is in helping you grow your business and to see you achieve your business goals.

Paid search and PPC advertising help us do this by allowing us to get your business in front of your specific audience, ultimately, turning them into conversions that count.

Doing this over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to help many businesses grow substantially, generating a consistent positive return on investment and achieving my goal.

Oli looking at the camera with the computer in the background.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At the heart of our agency is the understanding that successful marketing isn’t just about selling. It’s about creating experiences that resonate with people. That leave a lasting impression.

Do you design and create ad creatives for my performance media campaigns?

Yes, we offer ad creative development services to ensure your ads are visually appealing, engaging, and optimized for conversions. Whether it’s crafting compelling ad copy, designing eye-catching visuals, or creating persuasive call-to-action messages, our team of experienced creatives will help your ads stand out and drive results.

We analyse factors such as your target audience demographics, industry, advertising goals, and budget to determine the most suitable platform for your campaign. Each platform offers unique targeting capabilities and audience demographics, allowing us to tailor our approach to maximise results for your specific objectives.

At Roughidea digital, we specialise in Google ads (including search, display, and video ads), Meta ads (including ads on Facebook and Instagram), and Linkedin ads. These platforms offer diverse targeting options and ad formats to reach your target audience effectively and drive desired actions for your business.

Performance media advertising focuses on driving specific actions or conversions, such as clicks, leads, or sales, through online social media channels. Unlike traditional advertising, which often focuses on brand awareness, performance media advertising is highly measurable, allowing advertisers to track and optimise campaigns for maximum ROI.

The budget for performance media advertising varies depending on factors such as your advertising goals, industry competition, target audience size, and chosen platforms. At Rough Idea Digital, we work with you to develop a customised advertising strategy and allocate budget efficiently to maximise ROI and achieve your desired outcomes.

However, we suggest at a minimum you should allocate $700-$1000 a month for adspend.

Yes, we provide detailed performance reports and analytics for your advertising campaigns, including key metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROI. These insights allow you to track the effectiveness of your campaigns, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimise future campaigns. We also offer a paid search dashboard which allows you to clearly see the performance of your campaigns.

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