How to Increase Google Reviews: Our Top Tips to Boost Your Reviews Organically

How to Boost Reviews on Google For Your Business?

You have put in your all into creating and moulding your products and services to be the top and best there is. But that is not enough anymore. You will need your business’s online presence to match the same quality as your product and service. The most surefire way of getting to up your business credibility and power boosting your SEO ranking is with positive Google reviews. Now the million dollar question is, how to boost reviews on Google without turning to the darkside of buying them? 


Why Are Google Reviews So Important?

Not only does Google reviews promote your business’s credibility and visibility, this powerful tool is also important for:

Trust and Credibility

Customers need to trust your business listing for them to spend their money on it. The one sure way that they can feel a bit more easy forking out their money, is if they see a high amount of positive reviews on your business from previous customers. 63% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase from a business that has positive online reviews.

SEO Rankings

There are so many other businesses like your selling or giving the same business, that Google uses an algorithm that actually favours those businesses with a lot of positive reviews. So the more high-quality positive reviews your business is ranking in, the better your search engine ranking is, and that makes your business more visible to potential customers.

Consumer Insights

Let’s be honest, not all your reviews might be positive (yes, there will be some Karen’s out there), but you can use both good and bad to see what your business is doing right, and where it can improve. Like the saying goes “no problem, is problem.”

Local Search Performance

If your business is in Perth, then Google reviews are very important. That is because your Google reviews will influence the local search rankings, and can help your business appear in the top results for local business searches (also known as “Local Pack”). This is where you can become the online version of the place to go. The average consumer reads 10 reviews before feeling able to trust a business.

The Importance of Actively Asking for Google Reviews

It doesn’t help you being shy about asking things when you’re building your business. When you have a satisfied customer, get into the habit of asking them right away to share their positive experience with a Google review. This is not only to enhance the online reputation of your business, but also to lay the “trust” foundation for potential customers. Also, with your proactive approach, your current customer base will see you are really valuing their feedback. 77% of consumers think that a business’s response to reviews shows how much they care about their customers.


Strategic Ways to Increase Google Reviews for Your Business

Just like in war (and this one is online), the best plan of attack is coming in from different angles. And the same goes for increasing your Google reviews. Using only one strategy might leave holes in your fishing net, so try a few ways to increase google reviews like these:

Quality Customer Service

If you give your customer rock solid customer service, they will give you a steller of a review. So, while you go about making sure that your customers are happy clamps, remember to prompt them to share their feedback online. You will also need to make sure that you train your staff on how to give the same level of service to your customers.

After-Sales Care

A few days after your customer purchased your product or service, make sure to follow-up with them and see if they are satisfied with it. You are not only opening the door for them to give you their feedback, but you are also showing that you care about their experience. And more after than not, this will turn them into repeat customers too.

Email Follow-Ups

Your email follow-up message needs a few things to make them affected. It must be personalised (your customers are not just a number!), you must show genuine appreciation for their support (they could have taken their business down the road) and you ask them to share their experience with a Google review. A happy customer means not much warming space in your inbox – share the happiness on Google!

Generate a Google Review Link

Make it easier for everybody and generate a direct link to your Google review page. Not many people have the patience to go searching for where to put their experience, but if you give them a direct link that makes it possible to review your business with just a few clicks, then why not? You can even share this link on your social media, website or even in your email signature.

Generate a QR Code

Creating a QR code that leads directly to your Google reviews page is a very innovative way to encourage your customers to leave their review. You can have it displayed in many ways – like on your menus, packaging, point of sale, follow-up thank you cards and more.


The Thin Line in Avoiding Spam, Soliciting Reviews and Complying with Review Platform’s Policies

Just like everything in business and where customers are concerned, there are also policies about reviews. Google is very strict when it comes to their reviews, that is why 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So what do you need to know about Google’s guidelines? Don’t solicit reviews in bulk, don’t try any spammy behaviour and a big no-no is giving any sort of incentive in exchange for reviews.

Can You Buy Google Reviews in Australia?

You might wonder if you can buy google reviews in Australia? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s a no from us. But you can use tools like review trackers that can help you keep an eye on your reviews across the different platforms. Just remember to use them for good like corresponding with reviewers positively and authentically, and not for evil by artificially or manipulating ways to inflate your business’s online reputation. 


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